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PTG is centrally located in the East Bay serving San Francisco, and all locations in the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara and Solano.


Hotels:  We can deliver quality linen finishing  at a reasonable cost and on-time to Hotels from 6 rooms to 600 rooms.

If you need linens, we will provide them at a nominal charge.

We can service all your laundry needs, including bath towels, table linens, and cleaning towels.


Restaurants and Banquet Facilities:  We service your table linens, kitchen towels, aprons, waiter and chef jackets and floor mats.


PTG uses state of the art computer controlled washing equipment. Each linen type is washed using computer controlled detergent formulas and water temperatures.


All flat bed sheets, pillow cases, table coverings, napkins and towels undergo an ironing process so your linens will look their best.


Once Ironed, your linens are automatically machine folded to ensure an excellent finished product whether on a bed, on a table or in a bathroom.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


We provide crisp, clean and neatly folded towels which would feel right at home in a five star hotel.

Napkins and Table Cloths

We make sure your linens are carefully handled so they will look good in even the finest restaurants.


We can handle any size sheets for any size hotel and your guests will be pleased with the spotless ironed appearance when they turn down the bed at night.

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